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K’Bro is an app where you share your feelings to get a daily score on how you’re doing, not just with the game but in life.

YouROK is a prevention focused solution developed to address this adolescent mental health crisis by building emotional resiliency using evidence-informed practices. Mental health care for adolescents is typically mediated by parents and schools. YouROK delivers self-help directly to kids and keeps vital adults in the loop with regard to kids’ experiences and functioning. This engaging app reaches kids directly through a device to which they are very closely tied and provides an avenue for them to receive truly anonymous and unbiased support with difficult mental health concerns. YouROK is a handheld gateway to powerful help with kids’ greatest challenges. YouROK can help detect the decline of mental well-being to proactively engage users with behavioral health providers who can offer targeted treatment exactly at the moment it is most needed. YouROK uses a proprietary algorithm creating our own unique assessment capabilities through deep learning and more frequent touch points. Additionally, the app delivers interventions through an intelligent virtual agent as well as other technology-based activities reducing the demand for center-based care. Our dashboard provides hard to get data to identify when children need behavioral health intervention. YouROK simultaneously affords parents and professionals the opportunity to get to know kids in a way that no traditional, paper-and-pencil assessment ever will.

9 months ago
Target groups:
Individual, Community, Service Provider, Employers, and Our enterprise solution supports public and private healthcare, schools and youth organizations
Duration & Frequency:
We are offering free pilots for the duration of Covid 19
Pacific Time (US & Canada)