Masawa Match is a mental health resource platform to help people connect to service providers to get the help they need.

Masawa Match facilitates this connection, including the initial communication between the service provider and the user. Service provision does not take place on Masawa Match, but rather on platforms or via communication channels agreed to by the service provider and users.

If service providers and recipients mutually agree upon financial contribution for services, payment, collection, and service provision occur externally to the Masawa Match platform.

Service providers and recipients should never share their personally identifiable information, usernames, or passwords.

Masawa Match will not engage in any disputes arising from the Masawa Match platform.

Masawa Match is not able to, nor intends to vette service providers and recipients. The Masawa Match platform is used at services providers' and recipients' own risk.

Masawa Match is a free service provided by Maswa (masawa.fund), the mental wellness impact fund.